Capital Gains Tax on Property – how to pay less tax

Tax LawIt is often said that CGT is an “avoidable tax“. But how do you go about it, if you are not a super-rich investor with a team of expensive accountants and lawyers?

For many years, our tax-planning services have helped the wealthy to minimise their tax bills. Now we are making those services available to anyone… and you can quickly find out, at no cost, whether we can reduce your tax burden!


  • Whether you have one property or hundreds – commercial or residential – we can help.
  • Whether you are an individual, or doing business as a partnership or limited company, we can help

…and our unique solution can also help you avoid Inheritance Tax, and tax on rental income

Simple, Legal, Reliable

We offer a simple, legal, and reliable solution for all these situations, and many more -

  • You are selling your second home and want to reduce the amount of CGT payable on its increased value
  • You are a buy-to-let investor who wants to sell one or two properties and needs a fast and flexible solution to reduce your tax burden
  • You are planning for the long-term, and want to move your property portfolio into a tax-efficient structure to protect it from CGT, Inheritance Tax, and tax on rental income

We offer a tax-reduction system that has been running successfully for over 24 years in the UK, and used by thousands of satisfied clients. It is completely legal, and is NOT based on short-term “tax avoidance loopholes”. There is nothing to hide, everything is known and disclosed to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), when appropriate.

Using our Capital Gains Tax Planning solution

  • You retain control of the assets, and any income or profits they generate
  • Your funds are not transferred overseas, they remain in the UK
  • Trading of properties does not create a Capital Gains Tax event
  • You can significantly reduce tax against rental income
  • There is no tax on asset transfer contributions
  • You can significantly reduce future Inheritance Tax liabilities
  • You can add more properties at any time. Try it with one property, add more later

How Much Will it Cost? No Win, No Fee

Our fees are on a sliding scale, depending on how much tax reduction we are able to offer you.

The initial consultation is completely free. We will spend all the time necessary to make sure we fully understand your situation, and then we will explain how our service works, and run through all the calculations with you to see how much extra money you could keep if you use the service.

We do not charge for our time – you pay nothing unless and until you decide to set the tax-reduction service in motion. And by then you and we will have done all the calculations to make sure that the cost will be significantly lower than the amount of tax you would have paid if you did not use our service.

There is no obligation, and you have nothing to lose! Why not fill in the form today and find out if our service will work for you

Legal Protection

The system has been running successfully for over 24 years, and is endorsed by a Senior QC (a Tax Barrister). A full copy of his legal opinion is available on request. Should any questions be raised by the tax authorities, we have a team of experts who will respond on your behalf, and handle all enquiries for you, whether it is in 2 years or 10 years time. The fees you pay are insured, to give you complete peace of mind.

We Understand Property

Our consultants are not just experts in tax planning. They are also property developers and investors themselves, with many years of experience. They understand what you are talking about. In fact, some clients have found that the advice they can offer in other areas is even more valuable than the tax reductions they can create for you.

We have helped thousands of people to legally reduce their tax bills, and keep more of their profits… could we help you? Please fill in the form to find out more

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